Four Seven Clea Four Eight, 2006


Four Seven Clea Four Eight, 2006


four seven clea four eight.pdf



  • ten from the arm, GENERATORprojects, Dundee (6-17 March 2006) — a continuous 4 day sequence of live investigations and installation. ten from the arm.pdf
  • ‘Approach’ (with the organisation Bbeyond in partnership with Interface, a University of Ulster research centre for Art and its Locations.) 5 – 13 December 2006.
  • Stills Gallery (Edinburgh Festival) discussion series compiled by Graham Domke; in discussion with Wolfgang Hoffman (Aurora Nova) on the subject of Physical Theatre. 13 August, Stills gallery, Edinburgh.
  • Poetry Reading (with David Hopkins) 5 July 2006, as part of ‘Dada’s Boys,’ curated by Hopkins, Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh.
  • Estate, video installation at CARNI, Melbourne, Australia (25 May & 8 June)
  • ‘TRACE: in New York,’ (7 April-7 June) Franklin Furnace, Brooklyn, New York


Estate, galataPerform, Istanbul, Turkey / 24 September, 2005 / estate.pdf

  • Estate, ‘National Review of Live Art 2006’ (8-12 February 2006) part of the ‘Captured’ show.
  • ‘Orange Mountain’ (24-26 February 2006) Gallery Spazio 10, Ivrea, Italy; (Performance: 24 February) orange mountain invite.pdf