Selected: 1989-2002

Selected list of exhibitions, performances, publications and readings 1989-2002


  • Zebra; Inverleith House, Royal Botanical Gardens, Edinburgh (9 November – 22 December)
  • ‘Fix02,’ Catalyst Arts, Belfast (poetry reading December 7)
  • Poetry Reading (with David Hopkins), doggerfisher Gallery, Edinburgh (August 23)
  • Renga Platform (with Ken Cockburn & Anne-Marie Culhane), Dundee Contemporary Arts, Dundee. (31 March)
  • Letter, essay in the exhibition catalogue, ‘Belonging, Leena Nammari,’ Deveron Arts, Huntly. ISBN 0-9544261-0-X
  • Lei Cox (An Introduction—nine bits in the middle—and an Ending), text in exhibition pamphlet, CCA, Glasgow.
  • Coming to Sense, essay in the exhibition catalogue, ‘Stone being,’ Rebecca Milling. Scottish Sculpture Workshop. ISBN 095289015-1
  • Hawkwind, Banana and The Wolf, essay in the exhibition catalogue, ‘Space Is Deep, Graeme Todd,’ Kunsthaus Glarus, Switzerland. Edition of 1000. ISBN 3-85616-168-6
  • The Capital of Memory. A review-essay (new books by Aaron Williamson & André Stitt) in ‘Sculpture Matters: The journal of the Scottish Sculpture Trust.’ Issue 14 (Spring), pp. 10-11 ISSN 1467-5005


  • ‘Here and Now: Scottish Art 1990-2001’. Dundee Contemporary Arts, Dundee. (September 15 – 4 November)
  • ‘Soft Riot: BA UMF!’. doggerfisher Gallery, Edinburgh. (poetry reading with David Hopkins. August 31)
  • ‘Vessel II’. GeneratorProjects, Dundee. (poetry reading with Alec Finlay. May 31)
  • ‘In Exchange for Haiku.’ Art™, Inverness. (poetry reading with Alec Finlay. 18 May)
  • ‘That Gemmill Goal!’ Peacock Visual Arts, Aberdeen. (poetry reading with Alec Finlay. May 16)
  • Zero, ‘Gagarin 12th April 1961’: a film with Mike Stubbs; premiered at Dundee Contemporary Arts Cinema, April 12.
  • The Lakeland Fox Cub and Queen Victoria (One quotation and six paragraphs on Gary Fisher’s Watercolours) essay in the exhibition catalogue ‘Nor, perchance’. Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in association with Il Triangolo Nero, Italy. Printed in Edition of 300. ISBN 1-899837-40-X
  • Breathing In Before Putting Out, essay in the exhibition catalogue, ‘Singing For Dead Singers & Other Works’, Arthur Watson’. Aberdeen City Council. ISBN 0-900017-54-6
  • Untitled poems in, ‘The Order of Things; an anthology of Scottish sound, pattern and concrete poems.’ Morning Star publications, Polygon. ISBN 0-7486-6290-1
  • Introduction to Judith Burbidge & Liz Skulina Published by, Crawford Arts Centre, St. Andrews. ISBN 0-906272-73-4


  • Between The Eyes Evil Shaved, Experimental Art Foundation, Adelaide, South Australia, in partnership with the Telstrar Adelaide Festival 2000 & the University of South Australia. 2 March to 1 April.
  • Water Clock and other works: ‘Tik Tak Tok,’ Museum of Contempotrary Art, Skopje, Macedonia, in association with the Centre for Contemporary Art, Skopje. (13 – 20 December)
  • ‘The Presk Shell Readings,’ Dundee Contemporary Arts (poetry reading, 9 November: with John Cayley, Thomas Evans and David Hopkins)
  • ‘FRITJOF NANSEN (Mr. K. Schwitters arr. Leith, June 16, 1940)’ Welcoming Reception in association with The Modern Institute: Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh. 16 June. (with Thomas Evans, Alec Finlay & David Hopkins)
  • Between The Eyes Evil Shaved: ‘Diffusion; Performance Notations’. Published at Proboscis
  • Untitled (Callum Innes): in the exhibition catalogue, ‘Locale,’ Edinburgh City Art Centre, Edinburgh. (p.26-27) The City of Edinburgh Council. ISBN 0-905072-92-8
  • A Watermark for Scottish Education Department Stationary in, ‘Without Day; proposals for a new Scottish Parliament.’ (p.53) Morning Star publications, Polygon. ISBN 0-7486-6277-4
  • Reading Scorpio in, LOG Illustrated: Issue 10, p.32 published by The Physics Room, Christchurch, Newzealand. ISSN 11742216
  • The Satellite in, ‘Atoms of Delight; an anthology of Scottish haiku and short poems,’ p.171. Morning Star publications, Polygon. ISBN 0-7468-6275-8


  • Five Rooms and One Empty Space, ‘TOOT,’ Hull Time Based Arts, Hull. (Performance: October 22.)
  • From Between The Eyes Evil Shaved, ‘Killing Me Softly’, Kunsthalle Bern, Switzerland. (Performance: September 5)
  • Distilled: Cora Cluett & Paul Dignan published by The Khyber A Centre for the Arts, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.


  • About A Half-Hour’s Walk, ‘A Show About Time’, Milch, London. (Performance: November 30)
  • ‘Resonate’, LinenHall Library, Belfast.
  • Double White, ‘Fix 98’, Catalyst Arts, Belfast. (Performance: June 17)
  • . . . reel,‘Fix ‘98’, Arthouse, Dublin. (Performance: June 16)
  • ‘Grey’, Kunstcentrum Haagweg 4, Leiden, Netherlands.
  • . . .but up there, let him remember; ‘Something Aaaaah! Nothing’, Transmission Gallery, Glasgow. (Performance: April 1 – 4. Duration 79hrs, continuous.)
  • ‘Transistor’: Morioka Hashimoto Museum of Art, Morioka (‘98); Ivy Wu Gallery, Royal Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh (‘99); Torndhjems Kunstforening, Bispegt 9A, Trondheim (‘99)
  • The Hunters In The Snow, COIL. Issue 6. ISSN 1357-9207
  • Interview with Callum Innes; Transcript. Vol. 3., Issue 2. ISBN 1356-7624
  • STILL TO REAL or FIVE HOLES MISSING ‘A’, ‘Still To Real,’ Peter Richards and Dan Shipsides (exhibition pamphlet). Transmission Gallery, Glasgow.
  • World Cup (Coupe Du Monde). A set of commemorative postcards. June 10, Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh: Morning Star Publications, Edinburgh, Water Press, Dundee and WAX366, Glasgow. Edition of 1000.


  • . . . sleep hitcher (after Jan Mlcoch); ‘On The Buses’, Globe Gallery, North Shields (Performance: Sept. 9)
  • Old Snow For A Foreign Room; ‘Curious Fix’, Catalyst Arts, Belfast. (Performance: April 25. Duration: 10kg Flour, dispersed. 9pm -10.05pm)
  • Old Snow For A Foreign Room; ‘Elastic Frontiers’, Sheffield Hallam University. (Performance: 17 April. Duration: 32kg Flour, dispersed. 11.30am – 4.45pm)
  • Sense Is Hard; A sequence of poems composed for an artists book accompanying the exhibition of work by Derrick Guild, Pier Arts Centre, 25 October – 22 November, Orkney. Edition of 500. ISBN 0-9531131-2-4.
  • Pool; a performance art document. Water Press in association with Context Gallery, Derry and Beyond Borders. ISBN 0-9530855-0-3


  • Pool; ‘Beyond Borders, Plus’, Context Gallery, Derry. (Performance/Installation: 10.25am 23rd – 8.14pm 29th September, continuous)
  • Machine Gun; ‘Beyond Borders, Plus’, Playhouse Theatre, Derry. (Performance: 21 September)
  • Machine Gun; ‘Fix 96’, Catalyst Arts, Belfast. (Performance)
  • Interview with Marina Abramovic (with Alan Woods); Transcript. Vol.1., Issue 3. ISBN 1356-7624


  • Ghost Dispenser; Catalyst Arts, Belfast. (Performance: 18-19 October. 24hrs., continuous).
  • Weighing From Land; Transmission Gallery, Glasgow.


  • The Operative: An 8hr. Patrol Along The Line, ‘Moments of Attention. The Attentive Moment In Art’, National Gallery of Australia, Canberra. (Performance: 21 December. 8hrs., continuous).
  • Incorporeal 3: The Insect Cage. Correct Sadist. Between the wish and the thing lies the World; 237 Elizabeth Street, Hobart, Tasmania. (with Edward Colless and David McDowell).
  • ‘Install X4’, Plimsoll Gallery, Centre for the Arts, Hobart, Tasmania.


  • ‘Guilt By Association’, Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin. (with Christine Borland, Roderick Buchanan, Douglas Gordon and Craig Richardson).
  • ‘Contact: 552 4813’, Transmission Gallery, Glasgow.


  • ‘Walk On’, Jack Tilton Gallery, New York & Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh.
  • ‘Self Concious State’, Third Eye Centre, Glasgow. (with Christine Borland, Roderick Buchanan, Douglas Gordon and Craig Richardson).


  • ‘The British Art Show’, McLellan Galleries, Glasgow. Leeds City Art Gallery. Hayward Gallery; South Bank Centre, London.


  • ‘Scatter; New Scottish Art’, Third Eye Centre, Glasgow.