In The Hunting Dogs With Dear And The Heart Of Charles, 2004


In The Hunting Dogs With Dear And The Heart Of Charles (4–23 December, 2004)


Commissioned for Season V: ‘Close Encounters,’ A new work of performance-installation which opened at Trace installaction arts space, Cardiff, on Saturday 4 December 2004 with a 12 hour performance. Trace is an internationally recognised site for performance-orientated practice, that places an emphasis on context in the working process – its aim being to support a wider discourse and dissemination at the intersections between artistic disciplines. It is also one of the few UK gallery spaces that specifically supports performance-orientated practice: artists such as Marilyn Arsem, Stuart Brisley, Jimmie Durham, Jeffrey Byrd, Amanda Heng, Roddy Hunter and Artur Tajber have all completed projects there.

In The Hunting Dogs With Dear And The Heart Of Charles was invoked by an actual event that was reported in the media, the murder of a teenage girl in Dalkeith (Scotland). The work was not the reconstruction of a setting, but instead reflected on this event in a broader sense, through diverse, and not always explicable creative acts. The work took the form of four interleaved parts (a 12 hour performance; stage direction from a play in the form of text panels; drawings/made objects and film) and is, broadly speaking, focused on the political implications of living with others: it is a meditation on self and community, as a performed belonging that explores that which I think is perhaps most difficult for us to think about, contemporary forms of sociality.

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